Fusion 360: Export to STL

You can either export the entire model, or individual components to STL files.

Did you know?

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Right-click on the top-level component name in your Fusion 360 Browser (left-hand side). Select the “Save as STL” option, which is about halfway down the list.


This will open up the “SAVE AS STL” dialog box. You will then be able to save the STL file directly to your local computer if the “Send to 3D Print Utility” option is unchecked. Click the “OK” button to export the file.



Within the “SAVE AS STL” dialog, select the “Send to 3D Print Utility” option if you would like to send the file directly to Autodesk Meshmixer, Cura, or other available programs. Tip: Make sure the other program is open before you try to export. Click the “OK” button to start the export.

Need to export specific parts of a model?


What if you only want to export certain parts of an assembly file?

First, group all of the desired parts in a sub-assembly [component] folder. Create a new component by going to the Assemble dropdown list > select New Component. Then drag and drop the bodies or components under the new component in your Fusion 360 Browser.


Next, right-click on the component that includes all of your desired parts of the model.

Select “Save As STL”. Follow steps 2-3.


Convert STL files to Solid Models
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